Cellulose Ether (MC)

Cellulose ether can retain water in the mortar system. Even a small quantity, e.g. 0.05%, delays the rapid uptake of water by both vaporization and absorbent substrate.
It strongly influences the fresh mortar properties like viscosity and workability. Sufficient water acts as a lubricant between the inorganic ingredients. Thus a thin bed mortar can be easily combed or a plaster be easily spread with a trowel.
The water retention is also a must for cement to hydrate sufficiently.

In general, the thinner the mortar layer or higher the environmental temperature, the more cellulose ether is required to ensure sufficient water retention.




Application, Opportunities for

Bermocoll ® , Gabrosa ® Products

Bermocoll is available in 2 main types: EHEC and MEHEC.

Gabrosa is available in MHEC only.

It is added in mortar to give properties such as

  • water retention
  • uniform consistency
  • easy workability
  • excellent stability
  • extended open time
  • better adhesion
  • improved strength

Cellulose Ether (MC)

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Cellulose Ether (MC)