PCMX (4-Chloro-m-Xylenol)

Food-Grade Disinfectants

INCI Name: Chloroxylenol

Use dosge : 0.5%

  • PARA CHLORO META XYLENOL or Chloroxylenol (PCMX) is an exceptionally broad spectrum bactericide and preservative with a long established and proven use in controlling bacteria, mildew and fungal growth in a wide range of applications (medical, domestic and industrial).
  • PCMX is a bactericidal active which, in a large number of differing formulations, has been proved over many years to be highly efficient against a wide range of microorganisms. PCMX is
    bactericidal, not merely bacteriostatic and control is afforded versus fungi, gram positive, gram negative bacteria and some viruses. Many virus types are resistant to chemical germicides
    including PCMX but can be controlled by the use of easily formulated mixtures of PCMX and other bactericides.

Other general advantages of PCMX preparations when compared with other bactericidal agents

  • PCMX is compatible with a wide range of anionic and amphoteric surfactants and soaps and formulation is easy. Pine oil is a useful carrier and adjunct for PCMX and bactericidal
    activity can be enhanced by its use.
  • For various applications PCMX may be formulated with other chlorinated phenols, sulphur and quaternary ammonium compounds. It is compatible with a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including hydrocortisones, pramoximes, propylparaban and sulphathiazoles.
  • Dirt and particulate soil can inactivate all bactericides to a greater or lesser extent. PCMX based formulations are more tolerant than most in this respect.
  • PCMX is bactericidally active over a pH range of at least 4 - 9.


  • Hospital and General Medical Use
    • Surgical hand scrub operations
    • The pre operative skin preparation of patients
    • The sterilization of instruments
    • The general cleaning of equipment and all hard surfaces to reduce the incidence of cross infection
  • Household and General Germicidal Use
    • Antiseptic skin wound cleaning and protectant formulations (liquids, creams, lotions)
    • General disinfectants and combined detergent/disinfectants
    • Antimicrobial soaps and health-care personal handwash formulations*
    • Shampoo (especially anti-dandruff) formulations*.

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