Agrilan 755

Agrilan 755 is expertly designed to solve your most complex challenges in suspensions, providing your formulation with extreme stability and dispersability to prevent crystallization issues.

Agrilan 755 is a comb polymer that adsorbs to particles or droplets in Suspension Concentrates (SC), Suspoemulsions (SE), and Emulsions or oil in water (EW) formulations; improves stability in Oil dispersions (OD) and avoids crystallization formation in Soluble liquids (SL).

Key Benefits

  • Add Agrilan 755 to prevent crystallization growth
  • Avoid separation of your OD formulations with small additions of Agrilan 755
  • Need in-can adjuvants, Agrilan 755 can stabilizer the formulation
  • Prevent production problems with Agrilan 755 low viscosity and easy dilution
  • Pesticide dispersan and emulsifies particles and oil droplets in water with unmatched success

Solution Providers

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AGRO-DisA-Agrilan 755
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