Berol 904

  • Emulsifer and adjuvant based on fatty acid polyglycol ester (Based on castor oil)
  • Benchmark emulsifier for EC formulations, widely used in numerous registered formulations

Product composition

  • Based on castor oil
  • Renewable share ca. 50%
  • Safe composition (free of substances of concern)
  • NPE and APEO-free
  • Tight specification with low dioxane content
  • HLB 12.9

Product formulation and application

  • Safe handling due to favorable human tox (no hazardous labeling) i.e. non-irritant to eye and skin
  • Increasing efficacy of agrochemical formulation
  • Efficient use by reducing water consumption during application
  • Reliable performance with best technical quality
  • Products approved in national organic farming programs

Solution Providers

Siriwimol Promtha
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AGRO-Emul-Berol 904
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